Stained Glass

I’ve been doing stained glass just since July, 2018. These are some of my pieces…

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Here’s a feather in my cap – The owner of Warner Art Glass bought this piece from me in November 2019,  for his personal collection!!! He’s been doing stained glass for over 50 years!!!


These shades are my first attempt at 3D glass EVER!!! I got the gargoyle lights from a friend. I had them Powdercoated black for outside use. I’ll be putting these up on either side of my front door in the spring.


These next 4 are just Tattoo flash. Each piece will fit onto a normal piece of 8 1\2 x 11



I made this piece above on Christmas eve, into Christmas day, 2019, and found it not tall enough for my kitchen window. I made the next piece the day after to fill the space I needed!!


This is what my kitchen window looks like now… Of course, you’re looking at them reversed, from the outside!!!

My second 3D piece.. Came out pretty good. This was HARD to make.

I have this piece on a tee shirt. It’s from my favorite place in OCMD – The Brass Balls Saloon!